Benefits & Advantages of Push Notifications

At PushFire, we offer you the opportunity to engage your clients through the use of push notifications. We understand that retaining clients is a hard task, and we use these avenues to help you keep them coming back. These alerts are not only fast, but they are also efficient. If you are curious as to how they can work for you, please read on for more information:

Attracting Clients

As a business, you need to carve out a place in the market for yourself. It gets harder when you are an entrant to the industry. People already have some businesses in mind that do what you do or something similar to it. The hurdle remains in getting them over to your side. How can you do this?

Well, with PushFire, you can reach out to new clients, introducing your business to them. This engagement will register in their minds and will pave the way for future communication. You can let them know when you have promotions as well as other events that could interest them. It is an excellent marketing strategy that is non-intrusive and yet timely.

Retaining Clients

In business, it is easier to get a new client than it is to retain one. It owes to the significant competition in the market. Not only do you have to keep re-inventing your business, but you should also engage your clients. That way, they can come back, and you can build an audience.

Using alerts is the way to go in this case. It reminds your previous clients that you are still around and lets them know what’s new. They can know about the latest offers, and as they do so, they are likely to engage you again. You can also engage them with updates on the business, reminders on transactions as well as promotions. It allows you to hold on to what you have as you work on expanding your reach.

Improving Conversion

It is one thing to grab the attention of a client, and it is another thing to keep it. A client might come across a sweater on your site and add it to their cart. In between the checking out process, they could back out for one reason or the other. Failure to engage them will lead to them forgetting about the item. They will move on to another site where they can buy a similar item. How can you prevent this?

Well, alerts not only work in alerting clients that you are around. They also come in handy in guiding your clients through purchases and other engagements. A simple reminder can have the client coming back for the sweater. You could offer it at a lower price or with a bonus item. This communication shows a client that you care if they come back, and they will. Note that we will introduce abandoned cart alerts in the future.

Targeting Clients

Where do people go wrong in marketing their businesses? The answer is that they generalize. They will send the same message to people who have different interests and expect excellent performance from the engagement. This method cannot work. For one, the lack of personal touch makes a client feel that they are not valuable to your business. Secondly, the message may only cater to the needs of a few. The rest will look at it and push it to the back of their minds.

You can prevent this generalization by using personalized alerts—the sending discounts to returning clients while enticing new ones with specials is a way to do this. Using locations also goes a long way in helping you appeal to clients based on their regions. That way, you can focus the messages on the right audience for more conversion. Remember that people do not appreciate general content, and this can earn you a loss in clientele. We will introduce this feature in the future.

Easing Business

At PushFire, we understand that business can be quite tricky, at any stage. As such, we strive to make client engagement a natural process that you can schedule as needed. With our auto-responses, you can work on improving your services and goods as these responses will take care of the rest.

It would help to note that we do not have a limitation as to how many notifications you can send. As such, you are free to engage your clients as much as you want while reaping the benefits above. Kindly contact us for more information on this.

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